Resource ideas for the classroom

Hi everyone,

In preparation for my professional experience, I’m doing some searching for ICT tools that may be possible or already in use in primary schools, particularly year 1.  I would consider factors such as available resources (hardware and software) accessibility and usability for both teachers and students.  It is important to ensure that the ICT tools used are relevant for student learning in the curriculum areas being taught.

I visited my host school last week and spent time in the classroom.  I’ve just discovered “Drawing Pad” for tablets and thought about the usefulness of this for students who were sketching an outline of the Virgin Mary’s portrait in Art Class last week, and colouring.  Have a look;

Students can save their finished drawings onto a photo library and can also print, email or share these with others, teachers or parents.  I’m thinking about these being saved into a digital journal like the one I saw the teacher has on each student in the class.

Of course this could be used for many subject areas including, maths, English and science.

If you would like to check out some more resources, I found them here;




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