Hi everyone,

Education has changed so much since I was at school in the 70s and early 80s.  I spent lots of time in the school and council libraries looking for inspiration.  Yep, that long ago. The video below came up on my Diigo, and so wanted to share.   It’s done by a group of school students explaining the benefits of using platforms such as Twitter, Diigo, etc to gather data on air pollution in three different countries for a science project and other projects – science was popular.  One male student thought of Twitter purely for entertainment until he realised that he could connect with professions around the world on Twitter to gain knowledge and information.  Also using YouTube, one student welcomed the feedback on her YouTube clip, she made another one.

So have a look if you like.


Sessa, R. (2012 June 21). A Tempting Trio: Using Diigo, Twitter and You Tube in the classroom. [Web log message]. Retrieved from https://blog.diigo.com/2012/06/21/a-tempting-trio-using-diigo-twitter-and-youtube-in-the-classroom/


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  1. Thanks Karen

    I love that your clip highlights my previous thoughts of ICT such as Facebook etc. My ICT world has been greatly challenged since the start of this course. I’m pleased to say my ICT understanding is beginning to change and I’m on the path to try out Twitter, next. Not sure I’ve totally worked out how to stop the bombardment of update messages into my inbox and the overwhelming feeling you have to reply (of which I did not have time) which is why I stopped it a long time ago. Maybe it’s time to have two email addresses, one for My ICT links and another for personal emails and try again.

    I’m open to other people management ideas for twitter/facebook.



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