A cheatsheet to Help Teachers Evaluate Educational Apps

Hi everyone,

I have always wondered about what are the best educational Apps to use in schools and at work.

Apple’s Apps in The Classroom cheat-sheet features a number of interesting criteria to help teachers evaluate apps to use with their students. The following visual capture some of the main evaluation criteria teachers should consider when assessing apps.

With so many Apps to choose from these days, this information gives the appropriateness, structure, accessibility and whether it is motivational for particular age groups.
G Suite by Google Cloud (2017, August 3). Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. A Handy Cheatsheet to help Teachers Evaluate Educational Apps [Feedly web log message]. Retrieved from http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2017/08/a-handy-cheatsheet-to-help-teachers.html

6 thoughts on “A cheatsheet to Help Teachers Evaluate Educational Apps

  1. Hi Karen, I simply loved reading all your posts and your site is very informative and engaging. I have especially enjoyed reading about the cheat-sheet idea that supports teachers in looking for quality apps for students. Will definitely be looking at that. Keep up the great work and sorry for not finding you sooner. cheers


    1. Hi there, thanks for your comments. Even though I have only just visited my placement school year 1 classroom, there are already some interesting apps that might have benefit in the classroom for interactive activities to suit different learners. Not all children learn in the same way, for example, reading skills must begin early (prior to formal schooling) and those who have not had quality exposure to picture books with adult interaction may struggle in reading times in the classroom. I’m thinking that there are some apps that might benefit these students and fill some of the gaps left in their early years. Reading Ravens progressing to Montessori crosswords are for the young reader, but teach students letter recognition and decoding. But the interactive aspect of this app allows the student to record their voice so they can listen to themselves reading. I just found this article https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-views/i-got-my-year-1-class-blogging-and-it-has-transformed-their-writing.


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  2. What a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing. It is always hard to know what technology will enhance our lessons and transform students learning. This is a great way to question the use of why we are using the technology in our classrooms. I also agree with you that not all children learn the same way. I find that most of the kids in our class learn by doing or are visual learners. Technology is a great way to incorporate both of these learning styles whilst also being able to provide varied levels of difficulty, to cater for individual differences. Thanks again.

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  3. Hi, thank you for sharing, this is a really great resource! And the visual is SO appropriate for anything involving a long day with lots of students.
    Love your blog by the way. Good luck with the final part of the course.


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