An ICT learning Journey

I have connected with fellow students and read about prac experiences associated with integrating ICT – successful and not so successful.  At least they are giving it a go and I intend to be just as brave now.   I have learned that it may not be as difficult as I expected. Children of today have more knowledge about how to use devices and applications probably better than I will, so they will be my go to in many ways to see where they are at in terms of prior experience.

This course has taught me that it is essential that my mindset develops in this area of ICT in the classroom and how it transform learning for students.  I did not expect to find so many Apps and amazing things that can be done with them that enhances not only the learning, but also the social interactions between students and sharing of information in a different way and perhaps more efficiently than ever before.

I have made costly errors in my first assignment and even more in my second assignment to not overdo ICT and cloud the learning areas.  Big Lesson learned.

As this course comes to a close, for me only the course as I have been so ill I haven’t been able to commence placement, I will reflect on what I have discovered about ICT, but just as importantly what I have discovered about myself and what I have been able to achieve.

Who would have thought I would be able to make a website.   It took me many days to develop just the shell, editing a website is certainly different.  It gives me much more confidence to even try this in the future.





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