Learning about the body with Curiscope Virtualitee app.

Hi All,

I am amazed firstly what year 1 students are learning about and how well they articulate their understanding even from the first time I met them.  Learning about the human body and better yet to be able to relate directly to your own body brings anatomy to life for these children.  I’ve found this.  Please watch.


The App Seesaw is actually free and the T Shirt costs $29.95 each.  All a school would need to purchase is One class set of shirts from Amazon to rotate round year 1 classes rather than each class to buy a set each. So for less than $900.00 all year 1 and year 2 students could make good use of this.  Great for all ages though, even beneficial for respiration, blood flow and digestion discussions.

Here is the Blog page to Mr P’s ICT blog read about the App and T shirts. resource. http://mrparkinsonict.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/learning-about-body-with-amazing.html


I hope you all are enjoying your placement.

I am also joining some Facebook Groups for Teachers and also a member of the Early Childhood Educator Network.  The Recent ones I’ve joined are;

  • Relief Teaching Ideas
  • Beginning Teacher (Personal Learning Network)
  • Teachers Resources for using ICT in the Classroom



Mr P ICT Ltd (2017, October 12). Learning About the Human Body In Year 1 [Video]. Retrieved October 15 from http://mrparkinsonict.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/learning-about-body-with-amazing.html


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